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Has your boiler broken down yet again? Perhaps you’re tired of expensive gas bills and are considering replacing your old boiler with a new, more energy-efficient model? If it’s time for a new boiler, our expert team are here to help.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance, energy-efficient combi boilers from leading manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Vaillant, Viessman, Potterton and many more. What’s more, replacing your old boiler could cost less than you might think. We offer some of the lowest prices around, including 0% FINANCE and BUY NOW PAY LATER options. You could even save up to £200 a year on your energy bills by choosing a new A-rated combi boiler!

What is a combi boiler?

Combi boilers are the UK’s best-selling type of boiler, offering a blend of powerful performance, high efficiency and low running costs – all in a compact footprint.

As the name suggests, a ‘combi’ or combination boiler is a single unit that powers both your central heating and hot water, with no need for a separate water tank. Combi boilers save a significant amount of space in your home when compared with traditional boilers, while also being much more efficient than older models.

How does a combi boiler work?

Modern ‘condensing’ combi boilers work by using gas to heat water via a heat exchanger, which is then supplied to the taps and radiators in your home. Water is taken directly from the mains supply, meaning there is no need for a separate water tank or cylinder as is the case with more traditional boiler types.

Combi boilers are hugely popular because they take up much less space in your home and provide both heating and hot water on demand. When you turn the tap on in your kitchen or bathroom, the boiler sets to work straight away and delivers hot water almost instantly. As water is taken straight from the mains supply, there’s also no possibility of running out or needing to wait for the tank to refill.

What are the main advantages of combi boilers?

Offering convenience, efficiency and simple installation, combi boilers are the UK’s best-selling type of boiler and are the choice for the vast majority of installations. A few of the main benefits include:

• They take up much less space than traditional boilers
• Simple to install and maintain
• No need for a separate hot water cylinder
• On-demand access to central heating and hot water
• High levels of efficiency and low running costs

Is a combi boiler right for me?

The main disadvantage of combi boilers is that they operate as a priority system, meaning they lose flow when asked to supply more than one outlet at the same time. If you have a larger household with more than one bathroom and often use multiple taps simultaneously, you might want to consider a traditional or system boiler.

Despite this, combi boilers are suitable for the majority of installations and are available with a wide range of different power outputs, meaning they can be used even in larger properties.

Choosing the right combi boiler

The most suitable combi boiler for your household will depend on things like the size of your house, the number of radiators, and the number of bathtubs and/or separate showers. Our experienced team are experts in all things boiler-related and will be happy to make recommendations on the combi boilers that are most suitable for your property.

Replacement Combi Boilers

Decided it’s time to replace your boiler? Just want some professional, no-obligation advice? Please give us a call today on 0141 432 0750 and we’ll be happy to help.

At My Boiler Replacement, we offer a complete range of new energy-efficient combi boilers at the best possible prices, with no hidden charges or other nasty surprises. Our qualified, expert engineers have worked in the industry for many years and operate to the highest possible standards, meaning you can relax safe in the knowledge that we’ll take care of everything.

Brands you can trust

Cheap boilers can offer false economy, more likely to need regular replacement. We use the names you know and the brands you trust, to give you complete peace of mind:

– Glow-worm
– Baxi
– Ideal
– Main
– Potterton
– Ferroli
– Worcester
– Vaillant
– Viessman

All of our boilers are brand new, with their original warranties. You’re protected in case anything goes wrong.

Spread the cost

We understand that buying a new boiler is a big investment, so why not spread the cost with our 0% finance options? You can even buy now and pay later!





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