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How much will a new boiler cost?



New Combi Boilers start from £1450. If cash is a bit tight and you need a new boiler as a matter of urgency, we have a selection of 0% FINANCE & BUY NOW PAY LATER deals available. Please see further down the page for the prices of other types of boilers.

Currently our boiler prices have a £200 DISCOUNT so be quick to ensure you get booked while this offer lasts. Click the link below and request a quote.

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A complete guide to replacing your central heating boiler

Does your central heating fail to provide you with the warmth you crave in the depths of winter? Does the system creak and groan to life, waking you prematurely in the morning? Are your bills spiralling because your existing boiler is old and inefficient?

There is a multitude of reasons why you may feel that the time has come to replace your central heating boiler. From radiators that are slow to heat, showers that suddenly run cold and bills that create a sense of alarm when opened, a central heating system that has seen better days can be inefficient and costly, adversely affecting the quality of life for the entire family.

Purchasing a new boiler is an important decision that is best made when you’re fully informed about your choices. With a variety of types and models available, you’ll need to be confident that you’re selecting the boiler that is most suited to the needs of your home and family, within your available budget.


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When is the right time to replace my boiler?

While the cost of a new boiler is likely to influence your decision when to go ahead with replacement, it’s virtually impossible to live without hot water on demand and a warm environment in which to live and sleep. Fortunately, if you’re concerned that the cost of a new boiler might be out of reach, be reassured that our range of 0% finance deals could help you to spread the cost without burning a hole in your pocket.

You should consider replacing your existing boiler in any of these circumstances:

Terminal breakdown: a boiler that breaks down can often be repaired but, on occasions, the cost of fitting new parts could make the repair uneconomical – especially if the boiler is liable to further problems due to its age or condition, or if it’s so old that obtaining replacement components is difficult. If it doesn’t make financial sense to repair your boiler, it’s time to consider replacing it.

Poor capacity: if you’ve extended your home, your existing boiler may not have sufficient capacity to heat it thoroughly, so you may notice that the radiators aren’t heating to the correct temperature or there’s not enough hot water to supply baths or showers. It’s important that your boiler is large enough to be able to meet the demands of your family.

Low energy efficiency: boiler technology is improving all the time and today’s units offer much greater energy efficiency than older models. The most efficient, A-rated boilers boast over 90% efficiency and, when installed as a replacement for the least efficient, G-rated models, can save approximately £340 a year: a bonus you’ll definitely want to take advantage of! A-rated boilers are also kinder to the environment, so you can be reassured that you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.

Age: in boiler terms, 15 years is pretty elderly, leading to an increased chance of breakdowns (not what you want on a freezing day in winter) and high maintenance and repair costs. If you’re thinking of selling your home, a newly installed, energy-efficient boiler is also a huge selling point!


How much can I expect to pay for a new boiler?

Several factors affect the cost of a boiler installation: the price of the model, additional components needed during the installation and the labour to fit the boiler in your home. Every installation is unique, so the cost may also be affected by additional circumstances, such as if a new condensing boiler is replacing a system boiler; in this situation, the header tanks and expansion tank would need to be removed and, if the new boiler is being sited in a different position due to the need for an external vent, additional pipework would need to be used. Many people are now opting for smart controllers so you can control your heating from a phone or a voice assistant link Alexa or Google Home.

The Cost of A New Boiler
Boiler Type (24kW – 30kW)
The installation costs will also vary; however, the below figures will provide the rough average cost you could expect to pay.

1) Replacing combi boiler with a combi boiler from £1450

2) Replacing system boiler to combi boiler from £1750

3) Replacing conventional boiler to combi from £1850

4) Back boiler to combi replacement from £1950

5) Full heating system- Boiler and up to 7 radiators and pipework from £2800

6) If the boiler needs moved position to another room +£300.

* please note all costs are estimate and vary in price depending on individual setups and boiler requirements.
** many homes are now opting for an additional smart controller which means the boiler can be controlled via a mobile phone. We can install and setup Hive active heating for an additional cost of £140.


I find the process of choosing a boiler confusing. How can I simplify it?

With many types, brands and sizes of boiler to choose from, you’d be forgiven for finding the whole process rather confusing. For this reason, our quick quote request service is designed to help you to obtain a competitive quote from our qualified engineers quickly, so you can assess your options in your own time, without the pressure of having to make an instant decision. This service is free of charge with no obligation to accept any of the quote you receive.


Is there anything else I should consider when choosing my new boiler?

As well as considering the type, brand and cost of your new boiler, you should also think about some other key aspects of the installation that might be overlooked:

Your property:

The size of your home will determine the size of the boiler you require. Because modern boilers are highly efficient, there is no need to purchase a model that is oversized as this will simply waste energy and drive up your bills. The size of your home, its construction materials, its type of insulation and the number of bathrooms will influence the boiler capacity that will be required. A heating engineer can calculate this for you, or you can use an online calculator instead.

Ideally, boilers are positioned on the ground floor but must be on an external wall if you opt for a condensing boiler as the flue discharges steam when in operation.

Energy efficiency:

Remember, the initial outlay when replacing a boiler is not the only cost, as you will have to pay for the energy you use throughout the life of the newly installed model. While a more energy-efficient boiler may cost more initially, you can expect to enjoy lower bills, so you may quickly recoup the additional expenditure while also playing your part in helping to protect the environment at a time of concern about the effects of climate change.


A boiler that experiences constant technical problems and breakdowns is likely to cause endless inconvenience and worry, as well as the cost of engineer’s visits to carry out repairs. Choosing a reputable brand – backed by recommendations of friends, family or neighbours – won’t always be the cheapest choice, but you will enjoy a more reliable service in the long term.

Professional engineer:

Seeking the advice of a professional who is experienced in the supply and installation of boilers will help to ensure that you obtain the boiler most suited to the needs of your family and your home. An engineer will assess your heating and hot water requirements and suggest the type, capacity and position of the boiler, and will also be able to suggest reliable brands for you to consider.


How we can help you to obtain the best boiler for your home

With considerable experience in the field of domestic heating, we understand the complexities of choosing a new boiler for your home. However, our team of professional and qualified engineers is available to help at every step of the way.

Currently our boiler prices have a £200 DISCOUNT so be quick to ensure you get booked while this offer lasts. Click the link below and request a quote.




Our local experts are here to help you get a quote for your own needs. They will assist you and give you the best option and advice on your boiler.

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