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Book in for an oil combi boiler replacement, and see why we’re one of the UK’s top choice. If cash is a bit tight and you need a boiler quick, we have a selection of 0% FINANCE & BUY NOW PAY LATER deals available.

It’s important to have a steady supply of hot water from the taps in your home. You also need to rely on central heating through the cold winter months. There are many things within your home that you might consider important, but few are as crucial as the boiler or water heater.

If your boiler’s getting a little bit old and run down, or if you want to replace it and reduce your energy bills, then why not make a call to our team at My Boiler Replacement?

We understand the importance of great service, fair prices and a reliable boiler. We provide boiler replacements throughout the UK, with fully insured engineers.

If you’re looking for oil combi boiler replacement, we are the name you can trust.

What is an oil combi boiler?

A combination boiler, or combi boiler, is an energy-efficient solution. These boilers are now the UK’s most popular, for hot water and central heating.

A combination boiler is connected to your water supply. It doesn’t need a cold water tank, and it gets to work straight away. As soon as you turn on the tap, the combi boiler starts to heat the water running through it.

Combi boilers don’t need a lot of space, and can provide hot water on demand. If yours is working properly, you should never run out of hot water. Thermostat controls improve energy efficiency, carefully maintaining a stable temperature throughout the rooms of your home.

Combi boilers can use oil or gas. For many homes, oil combi boilers are the best choice for central heating and hot water.

Why choose oil conventional boilers?

In the UK, there are millions of homes that don’t have their own gas supply. Homes in rural locations aren’t always on the gas network.

If your home doesn’t have a gas supply, you will need an oil-powered boiler. Oil combi boilers are modern and efficient, and might be the best choice for your home.

You might want to replace your existing oil combi boiler, or make the switch from a conventional boiler. Whatever your needs, trust My Boiler Replacement’s professional and insured installers.

Why choose My Boiler Replacement?

We understand the importance of reliable boiler equipment, keeping life in your home running smoothly. We also know that it isn’t always easy to trust boiler installation engineers. We’re proud to be a trusted choice for boiler replacement throughout the UK, with highly qualified insured engineers that you can truly rely on.

We show up at the agreed time, never leaving you waiting. We do the work for the price we agreed, with no unexpected surprises, and we’ll leave your house in the same great condition it was in before we arrived.

Using parts and boilers from leading brands, we’re a top choice for boiler replacement.

Brands you can trust

All of our boilers, and parts for repairs and replacements, are provided by brands you can trust:

– Baxi
– Ideal
– Worcester
– Main
– Potterton
– Ferroli
– Glow-worm
– Vaillant
– Viessman

The original manufacturer’s warranty covers parts, equipment and all our new boilers. In the rare event of an issue with your boiler, we’ll help with a quick resolution.

Choosing My Boiler Replacement

There are so many fantastic reasons to choose My Boiler Replacement.

Our experienced installers are qualified professionals, doing each job to the highest of standards. Our price guarantee protects your bank balance, never raising your original quote.

We use high-quality parts for every job, from the brands that you recognise and trust. Warranties offer peace of mind, and our installers are fully insured.

We know that your budget might not always allow for boiler repairs and replacements. That’s why many of our customers choose our 0% finance or the option to Buy Now, Pay Later. A broken boiler won’t wait, and we’ll do our best to work to your budget.

Not sure what you need?

Perhaps you’ve heard of oil combi boilers, but aren’t sure if they’re the right choice for you? Maybe you have an existing combi boiler, and want to know your options for replacement?

We’re experts in boiler repairs and replacement. One quick call could be all that you need to make an informed decision. We’ll talk through your options, including oil combi boilers, and provide a free quote for the job. All quotes are provided with our price promise and no obligation to buy.

Get started today

At My Boiler Replacement, we provide services for properties throughout the UK. Whether you need a quick fix or a complete boiler replacement, it’s easy to book an appointment.

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