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For replacement oil conventional boilers, choose My Boiler Replacement. If cash is a bit tight and you need a boiler quick, we have a selection of 0% FINANCE & BUY NOW PAY LATER deals available.

A boiler is an essential piece of equipment, keeping you warm and providing hot water. If you’ve had yours for a long time, then you may need a boiler replacement. Whether you’re replacing a broken down boiler, or would prefer to replace your existing boiler to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you can trust the great service provided by My Boiler Replacement.

We provide boiler replacements throughout the UK, with experienced and fully insured installers.

Many of our customers ask for replacement oil conventional boilers. Though they’re not as common as they once were, they’re still used in many UK homes that don’t have a gas supply.

Using the brands that you know and trust, with free quotes for every job, isn’t it time to call My Boiler Replacement?


What is an oil conventional boiler?

Once the most common boiler for heating homes and providing hot water, the conventional boiler is the type that you probably grew up with. These boilers take water from a cold storage tank, usually hidden away in the loft, and store it in a hot water tank once it’s heated.

Many homes still have conventional boilers. For homes that aren’t connected to the UK’s gas network, an oil conventional boiler is often the most suitable option.

Oil conventional boilers, with their large hot water tanks, can usually meet high demand. If your home already uses an oil conventional boiler, and you’re happy with how it’s served you, then replacing like for like is often the easiest option.


Why choose oil conventional boilers?

There are millions of UK homes that aren’t connected to the country’s gas network. This might include yours if you live in a rural location. For homes without gas, oil-powered heating is often the most reasonable option. Oil boilers are energy efficient and can be used even in the middle of the countryside.

Conventional boilers require more space than other types of oil boilers but are usually well suited to large families and homes with high demands. The cold water storage tank can be hidden out of view, in an attic or roof space.

If your home already has an oil conventional boiler, it’s so much easier to replace like for like. The tanks and pipes are already in place.

If you need a new oil conventional boiler, or a repair to extend the life of your existing one, our experienced engineers will supply and fit using high-quality parts.


Why choose My Boiler Replacement?

If you need a replacement boiler, you should be able to put your trust in both the equipment and the installer. All of our engineers are fully insured professionals, turning up on time and working to the highest of standards.

We use original branded parts, and boilers from brands you can trust, with the original manufacturer’s warranty wherever it’s offered. We also lock every quote, so that you won’t be surprised by rising prices as the work is carried out.


Brands you can trust

Don’t take risks with something as important as a boiler. Ours are from leading brands including:

– Baxi
– Worcester
– Main
– Ideal
– Glow-worm
– Viessman
– Potterton
– Vaillant
– Ferroli

The original manufacturer’s warranty applies to all boilers and parts. All parts are made to last, for the reliability that you deserve.


Choosing My Boiler Replacement

When you choose to get a quote from My Boiler Replacement, the price will be guaranteed. We don’t raise the price once we start the job, so there won’t be any nasty surprises.

Our engineers and installers are qualified and insured professionals. Every job is a job well done. We use high-quality parts, with original warranties, for all repairs and replacements.

You shouldn’t feel forced to cut costs and settle for a sub-par service. So, we offer finance options to help you to spread the cost. Choose to Buy Now, Pay Later, or take advantage of 0% finance.


Not sure what you need?

If your house has always used an oil conventional boiler, then you might wonder if there’s an upgrade to make. Could you benefit from a different boiler, or should you choose another the same? We’re happy to discuss your options, providing all the information that you might need to make an educated choice.


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For boiler replacements throughout the UK, trust My Boiler Replacement.
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